Complete lab

Have a complete lab with a 5lb oss closed loop with couple plant material spools. Has a cps pro set recovery pump. One of plant matters is sleeved. Has a injection coil with valves to switch between injection and recovery. Have a 5l roto from Goldleaf. Paired with a 7l chiller and actell 2120 punp. Short path is summit 2l with doubles and Tripples of most glass. Have a 28cfm Vac punp with it. Also the horsctrom filter and all boxes paper. And 20l filter bottle. This is turn key and have everything from Vac Greene , clamps etc. also shit load extra not listing. Have around 38k into all it and only want 10k or maybe discount it if someone wants to employee me. Lol really though it’s a complete setup at this price is rare the setup is outside Sacramento

Would you be willing to travel for work? We are in Montana’s medical industry, but would be very interested in employing you/purchasing your equipment. We could work out living expenses for you, too. Let me know if you’re interested.