Commercial source of enzymes

I decided to do some research on bulk products to get the price of my experiments down for the company I am doing work for at the moment. In this research I started to find out what different components that companies are selling rather expensive small amounts of products would cost in bulk as the new clear bho thread lead me to many thoughts regarding this expense.

In short, I have spent many years going to classes revolving around enzymes and brewing various grains and the steps that are temperature driven enzymatic activity related processing techniques. Most are involving large scale distillery processing of grains for bourbon or 95% ethanol for fuel or beverage alcohol, grain neutral spirits.

At any rate, Novozymes keeps popping up in my research. I’m not sure yet what they have to offer but I’m going to call them soon and find out what they can do for bulk ingredients like degumming enzymes like phospholipase, lecitase, or other -ase enzymes required.

The point I’m trying to make here is that I’d like to see what you guys/ gals can come up with as far as references and the constituent parts of the extracts that can be hydrated, hydrolized, and removed to make a cleaner, better product. If we find more things that can be either adsorbed, or agglomerated to make them larger and more filter ready, then the better the final products will become. I’m not a fan of deletrious methods so much like the carbon bleaches because in my experience if flavor is your game, then these are better served elsewhere, like large scale remediation techniques and thc/thca miners who simply wanna make money in bulk on old or cheaper material, etc…

My goal is to try and start a running list of things that can be addressed, existing in the solute that can be in process, filtered, and make life easier on these larger scale operations that are starting to pop up so we can all live another day out there in the dog eat dog world. I also find it fun and interesting, and at the end of the day that is what keeps me going to work every day.

Lets see what you guys have references to and I’ll try and help find sources for them and creative ways to remove them.


Thats what my company does. We can source pretty much whatever you need, for production volumes at least, and have an enzyme for cannabis oil refinement.

There are lots of materials that are interesting but either cost prohibitive, dangerous, or not available in bulk.

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