Commercial Solar

Has anyone ever been interested in commercial solar? We can do all warehouses and buildings as long as you are the owner, have three years of taxes & have a minimum of a 2k electricity per month. The government even pays for 50-80% of projects. If any of you guys refer someone to me you will receive 10-15% profit of that specific job as a finders fee. You all have a great day!

I hope elon gets on this when its federally legal/ I can become a salesman while maintaining my integrity.

Integrity is what it is all about! It’s easy to make a quick dollar, but can you look yourself in the mirror?

I’d be a little salty if rich people are really getting my tax dollars to subsidize their fancy weed grows

With the battery cost problem alone… How many $2000 monthly payments does it take to justify the cost of building a solar system that can handle the load that generates a $2000 a month bill ?

With our tax money

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