Column heat mats


I’m looking to recover the last few lbs from the columns, is there a better option than these at almost $300 a pop?


What about something like this. Cloning/seedling heat mat.


Yes just push with n2 gas or propane gas from top of column


I push with n2 a few times, until there isn’t any liquid left. I’m still losing around 5lbs per 5lb run. I cold inject, but don’t have a way to warm the columns yet.

Those clone mats look like a great option.


Well I’d avoid heat sources that aren’t intrinsically safe. Which the heat mats seem safe and the keenovo makes explosion proof heating elements.

@Soxhlet does this sound normal to lose 5 lbs of butane even after n2 push?


At that price can’t u just use a jacketed column ?fill w hot water…

N2 push would help and don’t soak… But at some point you really can’t get away from small amounts…


It’s either the heat mat, or a jacketed column. They cost about the same all in.

@Apothecary36 I’ve just been living with the loss, but it would be nice to find a safe way to reclaim a bit extra. I feel like solvent loss at a lb per lb is too much.


Nope. Your chilling isnt up to par or your not letting the hydrocarbons condense long enough.


@Soxhlet On my base or tank? My solvent is very cold, but I stopped running a cold bath through my base when I started pushing my tank with n2.

When I empty the columns, the material seems wet still, but no liquid that drains. Would the cold bath really help pull that much more through?

Thank you guys, just trying to get my solvent usage under control. My yields/quality are good, but I know this part of my process needs to be improved.


Ur base…u want the extra help, it’ll pull it too
…and the extra cold temps on base will condense it good…

Then when you start recovering same temp for recovery tank


The cold temps will keep your solvent liquid so the n2 can be vented off without loosing butane after injection.

It seems like you are not recovering all your butane as well. You need to heat the column just like your collection base after you burp your n2 off and start recovery.


You need to chill any liquid in the machine before you burp off the n2 gas. After inject chill the system where the liquid will be, thats the collection and the column. Once the n2 is released you may heat all parts of the system except the recovery tank to move the gas.


I have used them for years they will pay for them self the first week. Not even 3cmepol’s hot looped back to the column. Could touch what rhese did in 30 seconds


I just went thru the same transition as you. I also use nitro push…I was losing like 4kg per rack of 4 columns (one run). I switched over to all jacketed tubes now, and now not only do I only lose MAYBE a half kilo per run (a lot of that is because I do pour outs) but I also can recover my tubes first, and detach them from my system while its running. It was pretty expensive (350 per tube) but I did the math and after maybe 60 runs it would have paid itself off in butane loss, as well as being much faster.

Just hook up a hot water bath, with quick connect water fittings. Pop em off, easy.