Colored Diamonds from CBD

I must say since joining this forum…things have gotten crazy. I would like to share my results because I know this place is full of brilliant people to see if I am waaayyy off track or maybe on to something. Hopefully we can grow together and I don’t just take.

Here’s what I did/am doing

1.Fresh frozen hemp harvested here in Germany. Extracted with - 45C ethanol. Discharged into large glass beakers and then frozen at -60 for 24 hours. Filtered over 10/5/2.5 microns respectively.
2. Into glass reactor with pentane, super saturation, freeze and crash. To gain CBDA Isolate. Horrible yield but whatever.
3. CBDA into fume hood boiling flask yada yada sparged dried dissolved in heptane where I used TIBA to convert into THCA. Yield was great this time.
4. Blueberries Pigment (blue) extracted with ethanol:water:triaceitc acid then chromatographed. Actually got purple and red pigments. too but was looking for blue bc well I’m sure you guys know.
5. THCA back into glass reactor dissolved in pentane warmed blueberry pigment added, stirred and then forced down by 10 degrees until -30 was reached. I am currently holding there. This is my first day in the reactor so only fingers for now but high hopes. pun intended.
6. My final thought is to recover ML and wash diamonds with cold pentane and warm in vacuum oven to…hopefully have blue diamonds made from hemp…?

If I sound like an idiot already forgive me. If anyone has any better ideas/suggestions for me I would happily work along side you or share or whatever. I am also not a stranger to spending money. Anyways. Thanks you guys. This place is really cool.


Also I would like to have cannabis derived pigments but all that I have accomplished is green…I don’t want green. It looks eh not good to me. Anybody have a specific strain in mind that might accomplish a prettier color?

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You need to run chromatography to seperate your pigments. Silica gel column…

However, the green color is coming from your extraction solvent. Try switching your extraction solvent to a non polar solvent like heptane.

You may consider pulling some pigments from the water in an ice water extraction as well.

Pigments in extracts are gross :face_vomiting:

You are doing it wrong

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Tell us how to do it then.

Don’t use pigment. Start there

What about the pigments that occur naturally in cannabis

Or is it the changs made to a terpene that causes colors

No pigments period

Why would anyone want to smoke pigments natural or not ???

Colored diamonds are never going to be something I’d recommend anyone just buy and smoke from some Chad, wook, sexual predator, or anyone on this site

And your sop just confirms this for me


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Great. I wouldn’t smoke it from you either.

Give up. This is something that only children will want to buy. It’s bringing the entire industry down with fruity pebble colored crap


I mean it’s crazy that green beer isn’t more popular


It does seem like a gimmick for kids :confused:


Just look at the character of the inventor and his employees


You should really open source it. Why assert that you know what you’re talking about and not share the whole thing? Are you afraid of legal recourse or physical harm/ stalking from someone?

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I don’t want children buying blue drugs

I dont buy that but fair enough


Probably Because she has no clue how to do it :man_shrugging: that’s my bet


Oh won’t somebody think of the children???


I would recommend not adding pigments to your perfect hemp derived THCa… add some HTE instead. I have no idea what the laws are like in Germany regarding THC vs THCa, hemp derived, etc (my understanding was that all tetrahydrocannabinols are illegal in any amount over there) but there are a few companies here in the US that have very good hemp HTE with USA farm bill compliant levels of THC. I think you will have better success selling diamonds with sauce that tastes like real high quality cannabis, then gimmicky breaking bad colored THC rocks.

Germans watch Seinfeld???

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