Colorado Chromatography Labs (R/S)-HHC In Vitro Safety Assessment

Over the last few months we have had increasing questions about the safety profile of (R/S)-HHC. Colorado Chromatography Labs is excited to share its results and we are proud to announce that (R/S)-HHC, made using our patent pending process, has been found to be safe in four non-clinical in vitro safety studies performed by Charles River Laboratories. For any questions please reach out to our executive team.

Check out the link below to read the full summary.


I commend the testing and it’s good to see a conversion lab care about the safety of their products. But honestly there needs to be a lot more in depth research on animal models to infer safety in humans.

Not that it is easy to do that kind of research but we really need some mouse neurotoxicity testing done on these new cannabinoids.

But good to see HHC is not outright toxic to liver cells, although I am worried about the in vivo byproduct activity of all the bespoke cannabinoids. Can’t say I’m supprised to see it is somewhat toxic to lung cells.