Color change after charcoal

Distillate was diluted with Everclear and passed through Charcoal. It turned Purple. ANY IDEAS WHY?

Your AC is not of neutral PH


B80 and maybe heptane would be better.

But I just last week dissolves disty into my solvent tank of butane and propane and ran it through b80 and silica60 for much lighter product…I was afraid to use w1 or lustermax for this very reason

You’ll probably need to do brine wash to get pH back right? Is that right @Rowan


I will try it; will let you know. Thanks

prewash your charcoal… always…or buy a good brand of Norit.
ash residue.

“You’ll probably need to do brine wash to get pH back right? Is that right @Rowan”

really? he is working with everclear?..“no”.

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You should ALWAYS be performing a brine wash after your adsorbant SOPs,

Adsorbants always perform better with an alkane/non-polar solvent

If you always brine wash, you won’t have issues with any powders sneaking through your process and ending up in the final product- adsorbant particles will settle to the bottom layer- the brine- and you will end up with a higher quality, brighter and clearer oil.


Have you ran the luster max yet? Just got some samples


Yeah it’s some fire ass stuff…I used what I usually do in grams of w1 and was almost to much lustermax. I could backed off some
Best part it didn’t molest my terp profile it seems

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Pass it around


This BHO run of thca material ran w lustermax. Not disty


Also be aware that distilled water is actually acidic

You need to prepare ph7 brine to be truly neutralizing your oil, do so by using a digital ph meter and sodium bicarbonate


You’re back!


I did not know that at all.

" Pure distilled water should be neutral with a pH of 7, but because it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it’s actually slightly acidic with a pH of 5.8 ." (Sciencing . Com)


The more you know


The carbonate is the least of your worries…

I was wondering how that turned out. How’s the disti look after run through a cls?


to light… oxidation is getting it to turn purple inside the carts… I added some darker hemp terps to it and gonna see if that helps about the purple I’m getting

also I’ve got one more chance bc i have the rest the disty to run that I pulled from leaking carts. I’m gonna barely put any bb80 and silica60 so that it doesn’t take much color at all.

btw the carts are actually reusable bc they were never fired and I feel like only leaked bc i loaded to hot w to thin a mix. it doesn’t act like my d9 it’s cart loading job…Im also turning the carts upside down and putting in the fridge to see if helps w leaking

the original disty didn’t turn colors even after loading it stayed the same color

maybe I need to do pH wash after fixing the color but I really feel I just got it to clear light yellow…less powders Im hoping fixes the issues or darker terps added to it