Collection tank purge

Has anyone ever fully purged in a jacketed collection tank?

Purged what the air before extraction ?
The solvent after extraction ?
If you mean the solvent yes and depending on layer thickness it a nightmare althou warm jackets help
Once the muffin starts it s pretty important to keep observing if it doesn t travel treu the vacuum line
Rolling the pot around helps every once in a while
All in all not a great way
To get rid of solvent

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The mk III was not jacketed, but the OG sop came pretty close to “full purge”…

…something about understanding history then repeating it for science…


Purging out solvent in a jacketed collection tank.

Thank you brodie :pray:

Just wondering if it’s possible/being done.

I mean it’s the same concept as an oven. Was thinking you could just distill down to 0 and heat for a bit then pull a slight vac while heated by hot water going through the jacket.

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It’s more about how you gonna get it out if it’s finished

Going into a 300l cauldron after it isn’t most folks idea of a good time :shushing_face:

A rubber spatula should do. Especially if it’s a sugary.