Cold vs Warm Ethanol Crude Quality

Am wanting to know if there is a major difference in the quality of the end product crude oil between cold and warm ethanol extraction. What I mean by quality is lets say using the exact same biomass which is going to produce a higher yield, better color, better taste, better anything assuming that both extraction processes are performed perfectly.

Yes I know warm pulls wax, color but lets assume winterization is perfect, color remediation is done using pharma grade etc… Don’t care how long each process takes just at the end of the day which crude would you rather purchase and why.


They are the same product at the end of the day as long as you truly know what your doing. This is stuff I focus on and do consulting on if you wana talk further in depth about this. It’s much more technically demanding and man power is increased but as long as the goals isn’t in preserving terps (industrial hemp basically has very little to no terp preservation happening) its the same end product


What kind of cooling system would you need if you wanted to do 2000 pounds a day?



It’s a complex question. What’s the ambient temp of the space, water source temp, air flow, where is the chiller going to be located, are the lines insulated, how are they insulated, how many feet of piping are there, the size of the chilling vessels, what’s the temperature delta, how fast does the solvent need to be chilled, how much solvent, does the solvent pump add heat and how much? There is a ton of missing info in your question.