Cold traps in SPD

Recently got a free but brand new cold trap Im looking into building my SPD, and wondering if something like this would be usable.

If it is rated for a full vacuum, it should work. Personally, I prefer to be able to see how much my traps are collecting so I can adjust vac/temp appropriately.


Looks a little leaky, but that may be a hash judgement. Test it with your pump and see what ultimate vaccum you can acheive. If it works out you can use it.

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my first thoughts exactly. With multiple seals, it doesnt inspire confidence. The infosheet accompanying the product says it will lose no more than 2.5 inches of Hg in 24 hrs.

I am not sure about those cold traps, I read some other users complaining they don’t work well somewhere. These dewars on amazon are affordable, and kinda nice since you can attach a 24/40 erlenmeyer to the bottom and switch if full etc… I got one and it seems nice but haven’t used it yet… wonder if it will tolerate the high vac of a good SPD setup?

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I use a stainless steel cold trap thete around 350 from cema instruments, but if your wanting to have the option to use 1inch for your spd thwy are perfect. I catch alot of volitales in it tbat normally would habe gotten by my glass dewar and i regularly hit 20 micron or less with the silicone gasket and tri clamp fitting that comes with it.


Anyone used this? I’m pretty sure this is exactly what Ive been looking for.
BrandTech Stainless Steel Cold Trap SKF H 25 for Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps. No I don’t work for the company, I just want to prevent more glass breaking by my hired technician lol.

if you want an opinion on a piece of hardware, a link or picture would be more likely to get you a response.

it may be exactly what you’re looking for, but none of us can see the picture in your head and even if we could, you didn’t give us anything but text to compare it to… :wink:

With a picture or link, folks who use something similar can respond. With only a product name, only folks who purchased that item are likely to respond…and at least some of the folks here are using equipment that was not actually spec’d by them. So they might recognize a picture, and have no idea on the product name.

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Got a link? Some initial googling didn’t find the exact one you are talking about. I’m very interested, as I need a new cold trap and would rather get steel instead of glass…

The one posted by goldengramsextracts is $1200 from what I’m seeing.

I figured out how to get into contact with Cema Instruments and picked up a cold trap. The only thing I wasn’t thinking about when I picked it up, was a valve :(. Gonna have to figure out a new valve situation for the 1" pipe and the K25 connectors.

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I just got a secondary trap from bhogart. I wish it had a valve on the bottom but otherwise its a top notch product.

I use it for my rotovap. Not bad. It works well. You really just have to center the lids on the trap it’s annoying but it works for small scale home use bullshit so…

I picked up the steel cold trap. Trying to figure out how to connect the summit laminar flow to the cold trap, so I have big pipe everywhere and remove silicone connectors gl14/18 from the system.

I want to go from the #29 joint to my 1" steel pipe.

I was thinking to use this “monocow”


For anyone else curious, I think i figured it out, thanks to someone else…

Not sure yet if it can handle the male, i guess I may need another adapter.

Edit: Even better, Beaker and Wrench have a whole line of different sizes.


I was JUST wondering about what those were called as I saw them in a kit. Thanks for sharing.

Cema Instrument big thanks for your share with our cold traps.

We did good cold traps LN2 for SPD kit.
Or Vacuum Oven Dry Ice for Vacuum Oven.


I put 1” steel braided hose right over the #29 joint and then straight to kf25. Works great, im also using a vac adapter ,its pretty rigid so once its in place I couldn’t move it lie with a cow.

does a jacketed collection base look like a dewar style cold trap to anyone else?

they appear to be cheaper…

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I got mine from cema instriments, opposite side kf25 one on top one on bottom. That the reason i went with them. They work gtrat especially wirh a second trap before that one.

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Where’s the other kf25 port?

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