Cold Condenser Tek.... 0 to 60c

Im looking for thoughts on this. I know a few people that manage to produce quality using this method. Start condenser with ice water. Ramp up temp. Once the blue starts, hold and slow climb until the condenser nearly plugs up. warm up condenser slowly to 60c, then start collecting. Any thoughts on this method?


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I was told that the cold head blocks the thc from coming over into the condenser somewhat which allows you to remove what undesirables would pass over with the thc in that fraction, The thc that does pass over adheres to the condenser while still allowing the garbage to flow… what i was told. ive seen it in person too. I was told it was a foolproof method for finding the thc fraction.


That sounds kinda neat. Though I’d be kinda worried your heads would just get stuck in the condenser as well.


I’d like to see this happen.

The effects on of a cold condenser sitting on top of that tiny column means you’re going to have a sharp, high degree of compression in a very small space- I imagine it would take a great deal of energy to push anything out of that head, you have two tickets to the reflux show bring some popcorn :popcorn: