CO2 "Sauce"

Well, it turned out pretty fantastic, hardly a thing on any market. Just wanted to show everyone the fruits of what I’ve been working on, CO2 crystals in cannabis derived terps. Working on scaling it, this was a small batch project. There’s a video on my IG of me rolling it around if you’re curious about consistency.



Where any of them grown in high limonene? My buddy thinks his oil will not Crystallize bc this…but he doesn’t grow the material, just sources it… I think just old…

If u grew In terps ,I’m curious if any was high in that…would crush his theory on limonene keeping his oil from Crystallizing and reaffirm that the material sourced is naturally decarbed… Thanks bro this may be off topic but I think it’s relevant

Btw that’s beautiful!!!

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I don’t have an analysis on the terps used. I do know it’s possible to grow crystals in pure D-limonene though, unlikely to get more than sugar, but, it’s possible.


Edit: Crystal growth has almost everything to do with solvent evaporation rate and saturation. Limonene, which has double-bonds, (hence the -ene instead of -ane; and -ine means triple) the evaporation rate is slow, high boiling point. Makes it viable, but, not optimal.


How come I can make crystals after evap all solvent and purge 30min?

Jar that oil still sugars right up clear sugar if pure…Everytime

He just had strains that stayed the clear golden runny shatter look
Must been old material, should have sugared no matter what unless old…

Sugar Crystal can form in terpenes and idk if the tiny amounts of residual solvent matter after quick purge but they only tiny left

I’m saying the rate of evaporation and strength of relevant solvent bonds directly affects the solutions ability to form crystals.

Thin solution means the molecules can move quicker. Thick solution means the opposite. This is a really simplified summation, but, mostly true.


So clear golden thin oil for months been sealed and nothing! Still clear honey! He thought limonene high strains may be henderin it but I said no way…it would still sugar…

His material must be old

I doubt that limonene is the cause.
Purging the oil to the point where there is no more solvent may also reduce the percentage of total terpenes. If that is the case then some heat would help make the thca mobile. Temps around 80-90 C are sufficient. That can be done either on a hot plate or in an oven with varying results.
Another explanation could be it just does not have a high enough thca percentage due to the source, for other reasons than decarbing from time.


I was just gonna ask you to look at this @THChemist. I’m sure this could seriously help you out considering your solvent limitations.

Awesome work :+1:

I’m making some progress in the EtOH crystallization arena. I’m really looking for an alternative way to do live extractions, aside from butane or ice water.

@ExTek90 is killing the CO2 game though.


I am still at the drawing board! i have achieved some nice diamonds by accident and haven’t been able to replicate the growing conditions. Beautiful work :clap: winterized in ethanol then crystallized? any more info would be appreciated. :star_struck::star_struck:

Yeah he did not purge the oil at all…just Jarred,vented a few times…

Must be source
I can make sugar regardless if vac purged or not…as long as short quick full vac times… Is gonna happen!

If u purge hard it’s not gonna but 30min to he no where near all the solvent being vac out

I’m crystallizing inline, purely in CO2, initially. I have a vessel being fabricated to do this on a larger scale, which will omit the need for re-crystallization for clarity. I’m also working with just using the crude, it just isn’t nearly as effective.

Parameters and all that are proprietary at the moment… Assuming I can release the vessel as something purchasable, the necessary parameters to operate it would be included with the sale.


Right on. Thank you. I have had thca crash in the material column but never tried to crystallize further. To have a rack/sleeve to drop into the material column to crash thca from crude would be dope.

I am trying to mimic a crystallization that formed in our safe over a 6 moth period…no idea how long it actually took thats just how long the jar was lost in the abyss lol…Fresh frozen material. Winterized and reintroduced to native terpenes. capped and stored away…this was long before the “diamond” boom. We had no idea what we did lol ended up seeing the bottom of that jar :rofl::wind_face:


The accidental material column crash was where I started. Figured out how/why it happened and learned to control it, now I just need the proper vessel.



After rereading this I’m a bit confused. Did you use CO2 to extract fresh frozen material? Did you use the terpenes unprocessed from the volatile collection vessel to reintroduce?

Yes was fresh freeze material.
Terpenes are always collected when material allows and are processed seperatly from the crude.
Typically they go from volatiles collection vessel into sep funnel for further processing.

OG Blueberry was the strain and the terps were :drooling_face::drooling_face:
Been grinding in the lab though! Hopefully we will have it figured out and producing this :fire: consistently soon.


Interesting, I’m not sure how you managed the extraction with full water content. I’d love to chat about it sometime, and I imagine when you used the sep funnel it was just to separate the hydrosol then?


so you extracted the terps first? and the readded those back in later? when did you add back?