CO2 oil foaming up?

Has anyone ever experienced CO2 oil foaming up on them after opening the jar? I just got some oil in to perform pesticide remediation on from another processor and when I opened the jars they released a ton of pressure and then started foaming up like crazy. Popped it on the magnetic stirrer with some heat and it seems to be releasing the bubbles but what is that all about? I’ve never worked with CO2 before so this was really surprising to me!

I mean… it’s like a GD root beer float!

Stirrer seems to be helping but it has a gnarly head on it!

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Looks like someone used sub-critical liquid CO2 on decarbed material, if you jar it right out of the machine it retains a large amount of the CO2. All it takes is a bit of heat or pressure release and you get that “root beer float.”

Edit: Looks like you’re in CO, you get that from TGS? Haha.