Co2 extraction pumps

Hey there I was wondering if anyone has tried swapping out the pumps on their co2 extraction systems? Our 20L unit uses a maximator pump that isn’t the worst but I feel like there must be better options available. I’ve noticed that a lot of systems like Critical Solutions, Eden and MRX all use maximators but overall it seems they aren’t the best plus having to babysit an air compressor to run the pump isn’t super fun. Would love to hear any input from other extractors here! Thank you!

Going to a reciprocating pump like the ones from cat works and eliminates the air compressor. But it opens a whole new set of problems. It must be fed subcooled liquid to work reliably and for reasons we have yet to figure out the seals fail quickly, even ptfe.


Yeah I’ve ran the CAT pump before on an Infinity 10L system and ran into those exact same issues. Great speeds overall on it and I loved not having to use a compressor but maintaining that pump was not fun at all. I feel like there has got to be a better made version of the CAT pumps but have yet to find any besides some similar ones on Alibaba. Thanks for the response and the input!

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We have an infinity. The cat pump on it isn’t even a co2 pump. When you get into the nicer billet stainless head pumps like the 781km with fluid flushed seals they perform significantly better. But we still have problems with seal life. Only 24 hours of run time on average from a set of seals.

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Yeah 24 hrs on a set of seals is crazy ridiculous. I’m gonna look deeper into triplex pumps and see if there are any better options. We actually ended up selling our Infinity after frustrations with the pump and the company in general. Not a bad design for an extractor overall but definitely could use some improvements

Just throwing my experiences and opinions into the ring. I’ve run a Waters, Eden, and Apeks.

Waters - Not much you could change given how interconnected and specific it all is. Fairly reliable, but way more technical and expensive when things go down. We had one of those sapphire rods crack… not cool… but there customer service was always very helpful in my experience.

Apeks - I ran their original 5L, Gas Booster pump was awful at first, constant issues, but they did eventually replace it with a better model. That was my favorite once we got past the initial hurdles, didn’t need seals replaced very often. I would open it up at the end of the week, clean it , reapply a little lube and seal it back up. Running 24/7 I only replaced them about 2 times a year. Only downside was the giant 3 phase continuous duty compressor.

Eden - 20L with the L60 Maximator liquid pump, the pump is fairly reliable if you run it slightly more slowly than recommended as long as it stays below 70F in your lab. I like their pump the most in regards to maintenance, as replacing the seals is faster and easier than any others, but I dislike the constraints of always having to be liquid in the pump for pretty much every reason. I also find it annoying that they did not incorporate a sight glass before the pump, baby sitting scales and watching weights is no fun. I wanted to upgrade the pump to a faster liquid pump but was told, by Eden, I could not do it as the machine was designed specifically for that pump only.

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Thanks for the input! I had the exact same thoughts regarding those three setups as well. Currently running an Eden with the maximator but really not a fan of how slow it is and that it can only move liquid. Overall it does not seem like a great pump for Eden to base the design of their system on for any reason. Plus babysitting a big 3 phase compressor isn’t super fun either. Really looking forward to what future developments will hopefully replace that setup.

I’m pretty sure Vitalis and Apeks have moved to hydraulic pumps of some sort, but I haven’t actually seen or run any of those systems. I’m mostly really excited by the huge increases in flow rates that everyone seems to be employing, that is one of the biggest hurdles for co2 IMO. The ability to go low but NOT slow!

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Liquid pumps*
Speck triplex pumps
Giant triplex pumps
Tonka Flow pump

Gas compressors*
Blackmer HD
Speck triplex

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How do you feel about Lewa liquid pumps? Supposed to be the gold standard for high pressure positive displacement liquid pumps

What about a Venturi? That seems to be one of the old go to’s in this situation. BUT you still have to deal with a compressor to run the Venturi. From the quick search that I just did it appears that people are using the Cole-Palmer Venturi…

Lewa is a good choice for low flow high pressure appliances. For the price and form factor you can get better options than a Lewa available (ie any other diaphragm pump.)

A liquid pump isn’t absolutely necessary for a Co2 extraction system if you have enough volume and cooling power. For any real recovery you need a compressor, there isn’t really a way around that because you can justify condensing Co2 below 200psi.

Using head pressure you can move liquid from tank to tank. With enough heat and cooling surface area you can circulate Co2 without any moving parts.

We use Haskel pumps for gas and liquid. Never had any issues that was the pumps failing.