CO2 extraction in an Apeks machine.

I dont have spd capabilities. Thought matbe i could do that with a centrifuge

No sir.


Sop means Standard operating procedure.

It means what steps you take in your operation. So he’s asking about what procedure you use for getting from point a to point b, ie from biomass to end product.

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Thanks bro! Was curious what to include not what the acronym stood for.


My bad, didn’t know you didn’t know.

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I am so new to this brother i should not be allowed in here lol

So no spd no centrifuge?

Not sure what you’re asking… Post your SOP.

I guess what I’m asking is if i can put winterized oil in a centrifuge and separate cbd from everything elas?

Once again, no sir. Not that I am aware of.

Oh well that sucks

The primary use of a centrifuge in obtaining your CBD would be instead of your Apeks machine. You do not currently have a use for one.**

One reason folks go that route is that they find they need to winterize their CO2 crude using ethanol, which they then get cold, before filtering.

If one just extracts with cold ethanol to begin with, they can dispense with the CO2 machine. Which often looks like a win.

In order to help you optimize your process, we need to know what it is. Exactly.

**there are other tricks one can perform with a fuge, such as the filtration that happens upon winterization. Or removing mother liquor from your isolate. You’re not there yet.


So i am freaking out on the inside bro! Can I
Process crude in a centrifuge?

I’ll jump on typing it out and then publish here for critique

It hurts my feelings that i am so off base. Figures lol

It’s all a learning phase. We’ve all been there, hell with this market crash I’m in a similar boat trying to figure out how to master the next technique. If you only knew what I’ve gone through you’d be horrified, lol. But it’s all how you handle it. Be patient and try to stay calm.

This is a daunting industry, but with persistence and determination you can pretty much do anything. We’re here to help in whatever capacity we can. But truth be told most of us spend a lot of time studying and trying things until we find that we understand. If we don’t we ask.

Once you post the sop it might be easier to get the help you seek.

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Thank you for that!

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You are most welcome.

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@Raybhayes1: I see you’ve posted a link to your SOP elsewhere.

the first thing that jumps out is

…We use at a minimum 10:1 ratio of ethanol to crude for dilution.

that should be maximum 10:1 dilution. dilute too far, and your waxes won’t fall out…

others with Apeks or CO2 in general experience should be able to provide feedback on your actual run parameters.

are you decarbing your input material first?
you don’t mention that. and you seem to have a decarb step in your rotovap.

I believe decarbing first will help with yield with your current procedure, but don’t take my word for it…

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I posted it to the CO2 extraction thread i think. Not sure if i posted it correctly for the community to scrutinize and give me some feed back but thats what i tried to do?