CO2 botanical extraction

We have recently had the botanical terpenes that we use in our pens tested and half of them came back hot for ethanol and benzene. Which lead us to the conclusion that we should extract our own botanical terps with our CO2 machine. I’m wondering if anyone of you have tired doing botanical extraction? We’re think along the lines of fresh strawberries and lemons “strawberry lemonade”. If you have tried this what were the results? Any suggestions? Anything we should try for a good profile?

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I wouldn’t recommend trying to extract them together, you’re going to want to find the ratio that tastes the best. Extracting them together could create some surprisingly nightmarish post-processing.

It’ll definitely work though.

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@ExTek90 Have you ever done subcritical terpene extraction?

I have not done subcritical, the strange thing to me is that the terpenes I extract always smell exactly like the plant and do not fail RSA.

I only work with cannabis, though. I was strange to see that it was mentioned that all CO2 supercritical terpenes taste burnt, because that is absolutely not true in my case. I’ve dabbed them several times and they’re absolutely delicious.

Are you layering off the water/monoterp layer?

I’ve found the same outcome when doing cannabis terpenes. Smell amazing, taste great and always pass RSA. So next time we are going to test the plant material prior to extracting it. I was just reading a few blogs about doing subcritical extraction and those people seemed pretty convinced that it was the way to go. We are currently doing our terp runs at 1180psi and 42c and getting around a 1-3% return.

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What brand/type of machine are you using?

IES 2 2.5 pound colums

How long do you do the runs for? What temp/pressure do you keep the collection vessel at?

It’s possible they’re degrading post extraction, it’s pretty important to get them out of the machine quickly.

We are doing 30mins run when the column are full. 650 and 27 on the collection side.

Yeah I’m not sure why you would have additional degradation beyond whatever the temps cause. Best bet would be to get the botanical material tested.

No doubt, you do like those parameter?

I run my system differently for a couple of reasons, but, I don’t see why those wouldn’t work for what you’re trying to do.