Cls equipment and lab ware for sale

Have some gear for sale . Contact me with any questions.

4x 4in x 48in columns
4x 4in x 48in full jacketed columns
8x 4in x 48in half jacketed (dry ice sleeves)
4x 3in x 48 columns
4x 3in x48 half jacketed (dry ice sleeves)columns
120lb jacketed solvent tank
75lb jacketed solvent tank
50lb jacketed solvent tank
25lb jacketed solvent tank
1x Heidolph precision roto vap w/ pump and poly science chiller .
1 x 5L distill kit with pump
2 1L distill kit with pump
5 cmpe-ol recovery pumps
8 bhogart vac/drying ovens
1 Agilent dry scroll pump
1 Dual diaphragm recovery pump
1 Haskel 420 pneumatic recovery pump
4 jacketed collection tanks
misc lab glass ware and filtration,
lids, fittings, gauges etc.


How much for
5l distillation setup. Is it summit ? Mantle and all included ?

Yeah all included

Price for it?

Dm me an offer please

Hello! I’m very interested in working out a deal for a complete sleeved 3x48 setup along with a recovery tank (or two), a recovery pump, 2 or 3 vac ovens, vac pumps, etc. Pretty much anything I would need to get started. Doesn’t look like I can DM yet but looking forward to seeing what we can work out. Thanks and have a great one!

Ok shoot me a dm when you can

roto setup still available?

Message me if the gear is still available

5L still available?

Is anything still aavailable? Particularly the 120lb tank and jacketed columns ?


What’s the details on the centrifuge? Manufacturer? Pics? Location?

Is the roto vap still avail? Contact Alex @ 831-428-6332

How much from he 120# jacketed tank?

How much for the Haskel?