CLS: Eliminating chilled column w/ heat exchanger

Is it possible to do away with a chilled column in cls hydrocarbon extractions by placing a chilled heat exchanger between the solvent and material columns? I would think it would be great for freezing the solvent, amongst other things, but will it be cold enough to dewax the material without a chilled column? Let me know if more info is needed. I just recently heard this through the grapevine. Would love for it to be that simple. - Always Grateful!!

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That sounds interesting ive know a guy doing it with a polyscience ad-40 and a ironfist chilled heat exchanger. I thought -40 wasnt cold enough but he says it works just fine. But i would like to hear different opinions, im still curious about chilling the gas instead of the colum

lots of people inject through a chiled coil, don’t expect the same results as dewaxing in etoh. The ability to freeze the column is better suited for frozen live runs.

Yeah would definitely expect to run fresh frozen with a chilled column and cold gas. I should have clarified. My question pertains more to dry runs. Particularly with making shatter. I can’t imagine it being as clean as a winterized oil with etoh. But is it possible to chill solvent enough that it makes freezing the column unnecessary? I feel like it would heat up too quick to dewax thoroughly enough. I would love to get away from dry ice/iso without having to buy a completely new system with fully jacketed columns and chillers. But it seems like that is inevitable at some point.

think of like open blasting and freezing your gas before running vs cryo column. get the solvent down at least -80c , it should help. jackets are awesome and definatly the way to go.

Thanks for the input @Soxhlet. So basically make everything as cold as you can; solvent and column. Makes sense to me. Make sure to let me know if you figure anything out along those lines though ya @Caribbeanjerk :wink:

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