Cloudy oil after polishing bho

Hi Im having a problem am I missing something? So I have done this with ethanol and butane both have turned out the same.
1st I use a closed column system after initial run I Winterize if it’s got green or is just brown and ugly I try to clean up using Celite 545 and AC I use unbleached coffee filter and a qualitative paper then I make a puck of D.E. and layer w Ac I then mix the ac with ethanol mix and filter thru . After being in the vacuum chamber for day or two on 100f I check for bubbles an then turn to oil to put into cartridge every time I have tried filtering for color it makes the end product cloudy is this the DE if so how do I remedy this ?

Try using a 1-3 micron quantum filter paper that helped me out with the cloudiness

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Do you think a 22um syringe filter would work the same after the polish filtering ? I ask this because I noticed that the qualitative filter papers never really touch the sides of my Büchner funnel.

22um is not fine enough the Celite will slip through go with 1-3 um

I meant .22um … Sorry I guess I missed that do you have a link to what you use that would be helpful and I really do appreciate the help. Thank you

you’ve got fines in your product & you noticed that your filter paper doesn’t seat?

sounds like you’ve solved it…

Yes, you could go to a syringe filter, or a 0.22um in some other format, but the primary problem is that your filter stack hasn’t been set up properly.

How did you build the bed?

The fines thrown away above can also be run back through the cake until it runs clear.
wetting the filter paper and sucking it down to the filter is a step many neglect.


My only problem with this video is that my Büchner is like just over 70mm an there is no way to not have the paper on the wall of the funnel. But I did like the paper on top idea an I do infact always wet all filters an run solvent first. The filters just stick better like that . An thanks I appreciate any an all help I do believe that the syringe filter might help this problem I hope . So now I’m waiting on a 100 ml syringe so I can filter using the sf fast. I got my fingers crossed an I’m waiting on the syringe filters to get here.

I think you missed some of that help…

those are way more useful than syringe filters. you can also buy just the filter disks. but if you think getting a 1um paper filter to seal is rough, you probably don’t want to go near a 0.2um x 70mm

edit: if your Buchner is so much bigger than 70mm that 70mm papers don’t fit correctly, you might consider solving that problem.

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I’m also ordering some membrane filter papers that are 1um. I have 2 Büchner the first one I ordered is so big I don’t ever use it it’s 2000ml an 1000ml funnel so it’s a lil oversized for anything I do. Anyways the one I use is just barely bigger then the 70 mm paper I’m working on finding a exact 70mm funnel

Use fritted disc buchners, no need for paper.

I have a couple 600ml 24/40 fritted buchners I’m not using. 99% clean as a whistle.


I do use fritted #3 disc while we on subject what do you use to clean your Büchner I got some ac in one of mine an alcohol or peroxide won’t take this out