Closing biz sale

We’re offering the following extraction and related equipment at incredible prices. Closing down. If you have any questions, please PM or email me at All items listed are available for inspection in southwest New Mexico.

80 GPH FALLING FILM EVAPORTOR, NEW, QTY. 1 AVAILABLE, $30,000 each (see pic below)
Designed to handle 300 liters (80 gallons) per hour, this falling film evaporators will separate alcohol based solvent from cannabinoids quickly and efficiently. A nearby hemp lab that uses this model says they consistently process 90 gallons / hour of tincture. Once dialed in, run it and forget about it’ it auto-pumps the clean solvent to storage, and can hold 2.5 gallons of crude before dumping required. The recovered alcohol can be re-used for extraction and the crude oil is ready for further processing. 100% pneumatically (air) driven so no sparking hazard.
Brand new, never used, fully tested
Air driven, dual AODD pumps
MSRP: $149,900, now just $30,000!
Works? YES
Condition: NEW
Required inputs: hot water ~230F, cold water ~40F (see chiller below), vacuum ~27 in. Hg, (see vacuum pump below) and compressed shop air @ 80-120 psi to drive pneumatic pumps

20-TON WATER CHILLER, NEW, QTY. 1 AVAILABLE, $12,000 (see pic below)
Delta-T variable speed chiller, model VSPA-020. Still in crate. This chiller is designed to provide a large, continuous supply of chilled water. Originally ordered by us for a customer of ours that never took delivery. Brand new, fully tested.
Voltage: 460-480v, 3-phase, 60HZ
Environment: Outdoor Exposed
5HP pump, 70 gallon tank
Communication: Modbus RTU
Condenser: Aluminum microchannel
Works? YES
Condition: New with ~4 hours test time, styill in original shipping crate
MSRP: 30,000, now only $12,000

ROTARY VACUUM PUMP, QTY. 1 AVAILABLE, $1500 (see pic below)
Becker VT 4.40 Rotary Vane Pump, Oil-Free, Pump speed 28.3 CFM
-Max vacuum 150/150 mbar (28 in. Hg)
460-480v 3-phase
Less than 20 hours of use
Works? YES
MSRP: $3100, now just $1500
Condition: Lightly used, ~25 hours total time

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