Closed loop extractor for sale

Location: Los Angeles
LA warehouse address: Ontario CA 91761 USA
Please email/dm me for prices

0.25 LB Closed loop extractor

1 LB Closed loop extractor

2 LB Closed loop extractor

There’s plenty of places to purchase this stuff, not sure why I’d buy from you.

Tell us why because right now I have no reason to even waste time with you.


we have pictures


my what pretty watermarked photo’s
no prices listed. guess that’s a secret.
none the luck good luck with your venture.

5 LB Closed loop extractor

10 LB Closed loop extractor

The way these systems are plumbed is hilarious.

Great idea tying in your Mol sieve and condensing coil to the coil that’s in the solvent tank. Hahahahahahahaha

I love it.

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I like the couplings, I mean why make the correct hose when you can just put them together. :man_shrugging:


Just throw a bandaid on that broken leg


bump …

There are prices, no explanation of what it does or any specifications or anything…just sayin

Get it before bvv up charges 400%

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