Clones for the NC grow

Where is a good place to look for clones for a grow in NC? I have a partner looking to expand variety and is worried about shipping stress on plants etc. Thoughts?

I can’t vouch for them but they are in southern VA. You can also ask @AppalachianExtracts and he might be able to guide you. I hope this helps!


I’d be more concerned about the pests and pathogens that are being shipped with them then travel stress.


Just make sure you get clones from a reputable spot. Then no worries.


What strains are you looking for we’ve got some t 1. Boax. Cherry wine and sweeten… don’t have any actually cut right now but have plenty of moms


I think he is growing a G13 strain and maybe lemon kush; wants a few ‘rare’ varieties. Not sure if NC is the right market to shop though :slight_smile:

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Got u well stay in touch I be glad to trade some Verity’s later in the fall

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They’re going to start showing up. We’ve seen a couple get rich quick cowboys contaminate farms in the state with thrips, white mold, root aphids and russet mites already. Dept of AG sent out a letter discussing pathogens are abundant in VA.


I have some clones in the Carolinas. Shoot me an email at and I’ll shoot you over all the information