Clear distillate

Looking for any advice on making my co2 extraction more clear I’ve used a fast filter for waxes then put down diatomaceous then filtered again with charcoal but it’s just not coming out how I hoped


Also came out with a pretty nasty taste in a dab pen

hey bud having trouble getting good filtration? do you have good carbon from a place that sells de-colorizing carbon powder? do you have a lot of experience with making a filter bed out of celite 545 and carbon?
have you tried to evaporate solvent and redissolve in methanol for room temperature winterization over a bed of celite 545 and aluminum oxide 220grit?

what was the rundown on your process from start to here?

Just dilute in ethanol and run it through T5 on top of a Celite545 bed, evap the ethanol and your color should be much improved



One doesn’t just filter a couple of times and call it distillate…

the most likely places to mess up generally come after the steps you’ve listed…but we can’t even tell if you applied the steps listed in the correct sequence, so start from the beginning, and carefully explain what you did.

Like you wanted us to know everything you do about it.

Because you need us to know MORE than you do about what you did…and currently we’ve got very little to go on.


So I am pretty new at this just so you know, still trying to figure out almost everything…

1:The first thing I do is take dried machine trim and wrap it in tinfoil about 1” think and put 1lb in a oven for about 110min

  1. I’ll take that and lightly pack it into the 16oz med extractor co2 machine then run the bottle at 1100psi for 2.5hours on a pulse of 2sec open 43sec closed 5 times over again

3.From there I heat it up and pour it out into a Masson jar weight it then cut it 10/1with 95%ethanol 5% iso alcohol

  1. Put it in the freezer for 24 H

  2. Then I take a vacuum pump hook it up to a vacuum flask with my funnel, I wet a fast filter in there then slowly pour the mix in

6 I take a new filter wet it then put a 1/2 inch layer of t5 wet it with ethanol then pull it threw then I clean out the flask and and pour the mix in

7 after that I put down a 1/2 layer of charcoal and run it threw again

8 I put a teaspoon of charcoal and mixed it at room temp with 250ml of mix then run it threw the same filter

9 lastly I evaporated the ethanol at 70 degrees Celsius untill there was a little bit left then I left it out for a couple days to evaporate the remainder

Any help with any of the steps that I might be doing wrong or that I might be missing would be a great help


Nice write up.

If that is a complete description of your process, the first thing you need to know is; you’re not making distillate.

Which is going to make getting clear distillate a whole lot less likely…

You’re make winterized crude…and imo you’re doing it the hard way.

If you’re actually interested in making distillate, you need to read up on SPD

What are your goals?

Besides “clear distillate”, which you seem a fair way from.


I haven’t done any CO2, but your extraction parameters seem off to me.

my recollection is that you only want to decarb prior to extraction if you’re running super-critical, and 1100psi sounds sub-critical to me.

Maybe @ExTek90 can confirm?

Or Search results for 'CO2 parameters' - Future4200

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Pre-extraction decarb is for sub-critical runs, so they’re ok there. Although I’m not sure they are actually decarbing everything with putting it in an oven at an unknown temperature for just under 2 hours.

They’re definitely not making distillate without a still of some sort, but that winterized oil is probably great for oral consumption.

Also, that carbon scrub is overall ineffective. It’s best to winterize a second time, leaving the carbon in the solution overnight.

Lastly, CO2 requires a very tight biomass pack to avoid channeling in the column. Particle size is pretty important, you want it somewhere between coffee grounds and powder.


I’d do a form of CRC followed by distillation of you want water clear disty. Just be careful cuz it’ll oxidize quickly


Thank you for you help.
To take it to the next step to make it from winterized oil it’s to get the waxes out and then you a short path to get the distillate

I’m going to try with the carbon in over night, when I winterized I notice it was separating I was wondering if I should give it a shake to mix it all in or if it’s good to have that

For the decarb how long do you recommend having it in the oven for?

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Depends on the temperature. Check the search bar for decarboxylation and you should find some valuable information.

I recommend shaking the jar of winterized solution before filtering, and washing the waxes thoroughly.


Hey I’m looking into investing in a new vacuum pump just for winterizing and was wondering if you had any suggestions, I’m using a little $55 amazon pump and it don’t quite cut it for me… takes all day to filter 1 L , says it has 3-4 psi suction so I’m not too sure how much cfm I should have or if I should get a stage one or two of if it should be spark less or oil less but I’m trying not to spend too much money here

Get a water aspirator pump


Here is another tip. Id make sure you have the right activated carbon. Not all are great for the aggressive color adsorption. Also creating a celite bed that is well packed and pouring your charcoal solution will help as well. But definitely charcoal source is where you wanna loom first.

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Recommendation on preferred carbon?