Cleaning heating mantle

Ok so I have searched around and have not seen anything about cleaning your mantle.
Problem: boiling flask boiled over and some extract got into the space between the flask and the mantle. (A small gap, fire cord did missed it.) so now I have a spot in the heating mantle where it’s dark not burned . But what the best way to clean that.

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get an extension cord and put it outside
turn up to high and watch the smoke show as it burns clean
enjoy your new clean mantle


Damn really

My mantle is all screwed up. I did a light iso blotting to remove the majority and did what @downtheterphole said. It’s perma-black but I’ve ran it several times since and it still works. I’ll find the link real quick.


Ha did that and it went back to new, I didn’t spill that much but want to keep it as new as I can , thanks for the advice it worked perfectly. Any advice on cleaning a super burned beaker lol


Did not mean to come off as an asshole , I just hate seeing the word lazy, it’s lazy lol