Clean up my bentonite/charcoal/tailings pile


I’ve got the combined tailings of a dozen or so distillate runs. I’ve been using charcoal and bentonite in my flasks as I go, and have a whole whack of what seems like oil saturated with some clay and a whole bunch of salt. I was going to run it all through a buchner with a celite cake to pull whatever liquid I can out, then was thinking about a rinse in more warm ethanol.

Does anyone have any ideas to try and pull whatever thc might be resting in the charcoal/bentonite? I think theres likely 500+g worth of stuff in limbo there at a low grade. Is there any recommendations on how to pull that out and refine it again into something of a lowish quality?

I’d just put that back in the buchner and pour a couple of gallons etho through it. Make sure you filter it with a low micron paper though.


Instead of etho i would use methanol as @Renchi says
Cannabinoids have the highst affinity for methanol of the solvents we often use


Sick! Thanks that was more the answer I was looking for :smiley: I’ve noticed the etoh doesn’t really do the trick for dissolving distillate related products unless its almost at its boiling point

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I would get a lab report of whatever You get after the rinse to see If iT is worth the cleaning sops after to purefy
If unluckey there isn t much to recover😩

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Chloroform is cannabinoids favorit but we don t use iT in this industry
Also extracting biomass in chloroform only one rinse takes of 99%

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Research done by restec