Chromatography vs Crystallization CBD


Is there any particular reason why some companies are choosing to use chromatography to separate THC from their CBD rather than just using crystallization? I know there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and I’m interested in experimenting with both. But crystallization seems to be so much easier and cost effective to scale than chromatography. Yet I still see some companies saying they run their distillate or crude through a large chromatography column to remove THC. If you’re trying to make isolate, crystallization just seems to require much less labor and less expensive equipment/expendables compared to chromatography.

I feel like I must be missing something, though. Common sense would dictate that people wouldn’t be spending all this extra money on an inferior method. What are the advantages to utilizing chromatography that you just can’t get from crystallization?



Holy shit… $0.20 a gram processing cost? Ok, so I guess chromatography can be a hell of a lot cheaper to set up and run than I thought.


the market wants isolate yes but it drastically favors broad spectrum hemp oil/distillate. So the trick is just selectively removing thc from these products and that is the difficult process to do.


Ill believe the $0.20 cents a gram when I see it!


That dosent leave much margin to pay the guy that sweeps the floor at the end of the day!