Chromatography Medias

Anyone on here her a good source for c18 silica in bulk? I’m about to start doing a lot of work with large scale columns and need a good source, I know what someone posted a guide on regenerating spent silica and I think I’ve lost it-

My goal is to develop a scalable and more affordable flash chroma system for thc remediation, using readily available materials- it might require a bit more know how than an Interchim or buchi but I think there are plenty of us here who enjoy having know how, myself of course included.

Anyone with experience running large columns please raise your hand and let me grill you on some things.


i can get c18 but buying in bulk can put you in the poor house. As 20kg is more than a car! And when I say car I mean like a brand new Honda Accord cash. Even the insured shipping on this is insane by the kg.


I have a design I used in biotech for large scale plasmid purification (reverse phase compatible). Medium pressure, no automated systems needed. Interested?


Always interested

I’m about to be in charge of a facility running over 50L per hour Input so if it means a Honda Accord to get this stuff saleable then so be it :wink: recovering from my little upsets pretty damned well over here


I have some suppliers.

I’d love to check it out as well.

What is it like $1 per gram?
Why is it so spensive

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I can get you bulk c18 from carbon chemistry for a deal. Dm me

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Lol. I guess you’ve never sold it if you think it’s a deal. I know the exact cost from carbon chemistry as I’ve sold it. That might have been the funniest thing I’ve heard.

And it’s more than a $1 a g. But Its reusable. And why is it so expensive @Slabby. It’s used to remove thc from


Cool. I have sold it and I am giving a deal relative to carbon chemistry’s MRSP. I really didn’t ask for your opinion anyway, but thanks for the useless commentary as always


So are you going to do it for no profit?
Idk how your going to be a dick to one of the most respected members on this forum but ok.
Nothing killa sells from cc is their msrp. Go smoke another dab

It’s ok slappy. This dude is always full of useful information. Please show us the msrp for c18 please @CannaChemistry. Show me where they list they have it? Show any incling your not full of it. At the end of the day. This ain’t worth my time. Good luck @CannaChemistry. Don’t need to argue with u. I think you can get distributor price. :man_facepalming:t3:

Here’s my proof. Lol.

hahaha, i don’t even know what that proves. You want me to show you that I’m also a CC distributor? I seriously don’t get it, its not worth your time yet you took the time to make the initial comment??

god, now I really understand why future hates his own forums :man_facepalming:

Show that you sold it??? You should have a receipt no???

I don’t wanna argue. I’m good. You can sell it in bulk under msrp. I’m good. I know what the price is. How’s the hemp game?


I stand corrected sir. Guess we both know the cost. I assume I can still do it cheaper but I apologize! That’s how I correct a mistake.

And I completely agree with his sentiments. I’d say 60% of the industry are fuckbois that never threw it on the line for this plant. That’s about the complete opposite of myself. I see you were mad about that thread. Why? Assuming it’s the nboler spark one

Maybe we should take it to dm. I’m genuinely comcerned


And people were comparing him to freaking beaker and wrench! Cmon…
This was an $800 filter…
B&w have fucked up a $150k wiped film TWICE. And when I weighed in on the b&w thread, I actually used personal experience of them sending me unlabeled chemicals, not emotional bias

Yeah…i dont know about how nates filters are made. I dont know why he would lie about a spark of all things from a filter plate? What would the motivation be? That whole sitituation could have be handled differently, but you to say he deserved the service he got is sorta cold. $800 is a lot to some people. Maybe not to the dude with the beach house but to me id hate to get beat out of $800.

I can understand you are very good friends with these people. i understand you defending your friends honor. Why couldnt he do it himself? whats your interest in this and how do you know so much about the calls and such. why cant you see both sides of the arguement not only your friends? Why do you call him a trap star as well? Im just trying to understand why are you mad about this? so much that you and future had a PM about your feeling toward a thread? if your not losing and this aint your business why are you mad?

Do you really think a lawyer is gonna take a case like that? if so, what kinda damages do expect to recover from that …$800 lol. im only joking about the $800, sorry. But really, im not looking for an arguement…just wondering what your whole dog is in this race? Homie the other day…A friend, a person ive had long conversations on the phone with called the product im selling a “chinese boof filter” Did i get mad at @DocTical. Of course not. dude is my friend. I know how smart he is…he can have his opinion. thats what makes forums great…we can share experiences. @indofab was one of the first people to DM me the day i posted i had the filter plates…DId he show hate…no…we had a good laugh together…we both said kind words to each other and we remain friends. …im the chinese boof filter seller…who cares. i dont! Why do you so much about nbolers?


woof, guys lets chill out- I’m also a carbon chemistry distributor technically and I have their complete price list in front of me- I’m not trying to be slanging powders just yet and haven’t been dealing with them directly as of late, I was mostly wondering if there was any c18 available not sourced direct from CC (it’s still green taxed don’t act like it ain’t)

Has anyone looked at the stuff on alibaba? I know of one source who got some and the mesh size was all over the place- but Carbon chem clearly has a source and they have to be making a healthy amount- CC is a great company no doubt they have good QC in place and good sourcing but there has got to be a way to get it cheaper than CC and resellers right? I’m as evil cheap as they come.

There’s metric tonnes of bentonite available, carbon chem seems to make their bread and butter by being a one stop shop for adsorbants and solvents but it seems that sweet sweet T-5 must be their driving force- as much of the rest is available at competitive pricing, that activated bentonite though it really the stuff that’s unique to them.

This perpetuation of drama and mud slinging in the community is really unprofessional (I’m a pot calling a kettle black rn I’ll be first to say it, my professionalism lacks just as often as the next guy) but I’m also not trying to sell consumable products- yet… lets maybe step up the game and take it to the DMs when it needs to turn into a personal conflict? I don’t need to weigh in on the rest of the off topic discussion it’s kind of boring.

Find effective cheap c18 that I can use in a cGMP setting and I’ll jump- the current pricing seems a bit wild to me