Chopping early for live resin?

So for each of the last few harvest I’ve pulled a plant or 2 out like 10-15 days earlier than I usually would, just to run for a personal stash of live resin.

When the rest of the tubes are finished I run a few more tubes of fresh material, and I’m starting to realize how much more I like the the stuff that I pull early. It comes out lighter in color, and has a more unique (live resiny) taste if u get what I’m saying. I can’t get enough lol

Does anybody else harvest early on purpose for effect or flavor?

I’m wondering if anybody has some kind of estimate on how much return you would lose on average, pulling a week or 2 early vs pulling on time (running fresh Frozen in both cases)


Good time of the year to start up this convo again -


I feel the same way.

It comes out better easier with less fucking with it.

7 week indoor glue for the win


Love the taste when pulled early

Run all the outdoor plants or keep the nugs?

Just chop the tops for smoking and extract the rest.
I feel like thc goes highest to lowest top to bottom. And terps will usually be vice versa, terpiest on bottom


when I grew perpetual this was how I ran things…I’d draw line in my mind then anything under was trim box bound

best live I’ve ever made was all trim

stuff above the line was smoking bound

btw ur thca is most prevalent when the trichs are cloudy to clear, as hard as this is to believe