Chocollee - CBD Belgian Chocolate For Sale!


I just started a CBD Belgian Chocolate business - Chocollee! I currently have rich dark chocolate with a hazelnut filling and have milk and white chocolate coming out very soon. I manage and extract the CBD in-house from Hemp to Winterized Oil to Distillate to Water-Soluble- meaning it’s a fast uptake and you’ll feel the effects in less than 15 minutes. Locally produced here in Boulder, CO.

I’m born in Belgium and have specialized in CBD extraction and research for the last 6 years- so I’m stoked to combine my two passions to make a high quality and authentic product! Currently in the process of selling to retail stores and large grocery stores- you won’t be disappointed :wink:
3-pack = $7.50
12-pack = $20
I ship to all states where CBD is legal- order from here:



Hello chocolle, I took a brief look at your site and saw your blog post about seeking a partner for your cycling trip in Belgium next month.
I would love nothing more than to join you to the mystical Harry Potter land of chocolate, beer, and waffles.


Thank you! I’m always up to share my world with my fellow americans :smiley: unfortunately i’ll obviously have to postpone to summer 2021 so i’ll need to edit it ASAP. Let me know if you think you’re still interested by then!

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Totally understandable, that will give me some time to train! :bike:

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These look great and much love and support for offering a small-batch craft product that’s vertically integrated in this industry.

Curious if you’re experimenting with adding terpenes?

Thank you for your kind words and support!

I was very on the fence choosing between Broad Spectrum and Full-Spectrum as I process both types in my CBD Lab. I decided to go for Broad Spectrum as my market is aimed for internationals and the working class that need to take drug tests, so no traces of THC.

As for just adding terpenes, I am in connection with top chocolatiers in Belgium that are interested in adding cannabis terpenes (linalool, B-myrcene, etc.) in their chocolates to increase the synergistic effects with the dopamine that chocolates provide. I LOVE the science of terpenes and am very interested in working with them. Will take any extra advice I can get!

As a chocolate maker, how do you feel about white chocolate? I was told that white chocolate is somewhat of a byproduct and not very highly regarded

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Just wanted to say, she sent me samples for verification, her chocolates are really good!


I will take some of the dark chocolate, please DM me.

Sorry! I’m new to this website and just now saw this message - I can definitely send you some dark chocolates! Here is the link: