Chlorpyrifos remediation help!!!!

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a large CBG disty order and found out rather late in the process that the CBG is hot for chlorpyrifos. I’ve never dealt with this particular pesticide and have done enough research to know its something we need completely out of the material.

Does anyone know if using 10a sieves would do enough? What about the common remediation methods, outside of saline washing as I know that wont work for this particular compound. If I cannot go the regular route, which it seems someone else has tried and it didnt work. What does that leave me with? Dissolve the disty in some sort of hexane, methanol, water mixture, and separate the layers hoping the chlorpyrifos has an affinity for one?

Thanks for any help!!!

Hope this is of some assistance.

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exactly what I’m looking for… thanks very much!

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Unfortunately, the method listed produced bronstead acids, which i know can isomerize CBD… Not sure with CBG but its definitely not worth the risk for me. Unless I’m reading this wrong?

Well any type of degradation process is gonna give you a chance of undesirable breakdown products. I would highly recommend trying it on a few gram scale and testing the waters, otherwise you will have to go through much more expensive and labor intensive methods.


What are much more expensive/ labor intensive methods?
The degradation scares me with that method. Would be more interested in something that we know wont cause isomerization.


I’m sure reverse phase could probabaly remove it,

Have you tried magsil chromorography?

It can remove alot of different pesticides

Columns babay!!! chromatography is the most sure fire way.

I believe people are doing it with simple chroma too, I am not totally sure; there is a thread devoted to this.

Our pesticide remediation involves isomerization, so not ideal in your situation.


I havent tried it myself, but someone on another thread went through all the common procedures involving mag sil and it didn’t work for the chlorpyrifos. I can give this a shot though, thanks!

I had some luck with using the magsil in the boiling flask. It didnt remove the levels completely. I did have some serious remediation though.

1st pass cbd disty had some nasty stuff after the results came back.

14.94 ppm Chlorpyrifos - fail
38.10 ppm Etoxazole - fail
1.25. Ppm myclo - fail
908 ppm Piperonyl butoxide - fail

Ouch (2019 southern Oregon hemp flower grown for seed)

2nd pass with 5 % magsil pr from carbon chem

6.94 ppm Chlorpyrifos - fail
.17 ppm Etoxazole - pass
0 Ppm myclo - pass
0 ppm Piperonyl butoxide - pass

Some slight loss in total cannabinoids but decent. Not sure what isomers could form. Might be worth a small test sample run to see what happens. I know your looking to baby that cbg lol. I would maybe try breaking a sample down in heptane and run through a stacked filter like c.r.c. Then distill :man_shrugging:

Hi OregonCBD32, ok we work with a company that uses a unique product for removing pesticides. They currently work with many of the large soft drink companies doing this. They have a lab and would be willing to take a sample of your product in house and screen it to see which of there products would do the best job of removing the Chlorpyrifos material. Then they would send the product back to you for your own testing. Just le t us know if you would like to do this. Thanks, Greg