Chlorophyll from old material

I re ran some material yesterday and had my ethanol chilled to -50C and it came out Green AF… any thoughts on why? First time re running material and first time having anything come out green from the chlorophyll. Because thats all thats left from the already ran material? 🤷🏻

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Might have been ran already before you got to it…


I have been thinking about this subject of chlorophyll solubility lately.

Is your ethanol properly proofed?

Did you grind up the material at all since you last ran it?

Are you sure the ethanol was chilled the entire time it was in contact with the material?

I wouldn’t think it’s necessarily happening because it’s already been extracted.

Do you think it’s possible it could have something to do with the fact that some slight residual ethanol stayed in the material after it was last extracted and somehow increased the availability of the chlorophyll to interact with the solvent on the next extraction?

Ding ding ding!!!

Material was effectively extracted warm…left to dry, then that extract was washed off at -50


Nope, it was extracted at -40 the first time

No warm up before hitting it with solvent again?

Or extracted at -40, then hit again after sitting?

Option two gives green every time in my hands

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Yeah, hit again after sitting

Why does it do that?

See: effectively extracted warm…

did you use a fuge on it the first time? That removes most but not all…

Even the little bit left will continue to extract chlorophyll, and, once above freezing, all those cellular contents which were inaccessible are now fair game.


Yeah, my cup system… live and learn… not a huge deal but an inconvenience for sure…

Biomass or solvent left to warm in your filters will perform the same trick.

If you pull a vac on your CUP jacket & run those extractions without a warm up, you will see way less green on the second wash.

I wouldn’t expect that second wash to be worth the effort, but if you use it as your primary extraction solvent the next go round, you can probably justify it

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I normally do not re use material. This was a learning thing for me… just surprised me how much it pulled out… nevertheless, I will not do this again. Thanks for help. :raised_hands:t2: