Chinese wiped film

Going to help a friend set up a Chinese Ychem wiped film unit.
Not sure what I’ll see. What should we set the first pass colume temp too?. Is this unit same setup as a vta? Pre heat crude to? Material is decarbed and cleaned. Any suggestions or things to look out for.

@karmabob can you link us the unit?

Sounds like you’re reffering to the units found on alibaba and places like that. You will want to keep your feedstock warm, which is usually accomplished through jacketed/electrically heated feed tanks and addition funnels, if this system was cheap I imagine it uses a gravity fed dosing system.

Your evaporator body temps will vary depending on your vacuum level, I’ve run WFE at evap temps anywhere from 130C to 170C working at vacuum levels between 0.038mTorr to 20.5mTorr.

If you can link to the unit, and or include more detail on the rig I can answer more thoroughly

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Looking good :slightly_smiling_face:
So what do You think of the unit ?

This equipment is from our company YHCHEM.
Please contact me if you need more information about our equipment.
My Email is



Thank you for response. I think we have several challenges. One the feed pump jams and won’t pump. We clean it and it does so again.

The motor shaft is bent this a wobble in the blades. The colum is so big that I’m not sure if we can get it dialed in.

I think it should have a diffusion pump on it. And a vacuum controller. These were just the basic stuff i see.

I’ll keep you posted

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The colume is gigantic must be 8”-10” wide and 24” long. We haven’t been able to dial it in yet. I’ll keep you posted. I’m concerned with the colume size.

Please send an email to me

Wow Ok what is iT You scared off implosion under vacuum?

I think he might be scared that its Chinese glass under vacuum :thinking:


surrounded by hot oil, with spinning wiper blocks… Good time to wear PPE, maybe a shield too…


Oh god the hot oil would be a nightmare! We run our hot pass at 185C! LMAO :joy:


If you’d like a feed pump that will never jam, please contact me. I’ve fitted my dosing pump to many of these chinese units.

I also sell diffusion pumps and we offer installation service and training on this unit. If you’d like a reference, see @darkleafofficial on instagram, he will vouch for us.

We are located in Los Angeles, CA.

Is your body diameter 8"? If so, you’ll likely need higher temperatures and a higher feed rate. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re distilling at 175-185 even at lower vacuum.


What is your honest opinion of these WFE units? The SS ones are $40k + customs duty

I think with the right accessories and operator, they are fine.

Relationships with vendors, knowing the product, and technical expertise are the key to sourcing excellent products from China.


You can get past the customs by freight forwarding it threw Canada and express shipping to the US. :shushing_face:

Takes 3-4 extra days.


Good ideas

I buy a lot of steel in Wenzhou. Since trump implemented these new steel tariffs, this is the way all my steel shipments come into the US.

I didn’t come up with this way. My Chinese suppliers came up with this. THe first few times my shipment went this way. It was scary as your shipment is really in the dark till it hits Canada.

Then you can track it like always. Always scary when no one can tell you where a few tons of steel are until it hits Canada. But this is the way a lot of steel is coming into the US.


Any of you guys ever use one of these? Bml-10?

Appears to be the smallest most affordable wfe unit I can find

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I dont know about smallest, a 2" pope isnt that tall. Definatly the cheapest though!

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