Chinese Imported Cart Ban- Discounts on Carts

Hey Guys,

With the passing of new legislation by the Chinese government, it is now illegal to order carts through online avenues such as Alibaba and others. Basically, it will now be illegal to buy cheap carts online.

In terms of keeping consumers healthy this is an ENORMOUS step forward, as there will no longer be heavy metal ridden carts flooding the market.

In terms of price, unfortunately this means costs will increase. HOWEVER, as the only truly factory direct brand in the US, we can offer more similar pricing to what you guys are used to than our competitors.

We are so confident that you will enjoy the carts, any orders through future4200 will receive their first cart purchase AT-COST.

DM for details

[Alibaba to Stop Sales of E-Cigarettes to U.S. Buyers - WSJ](Alibaba Ban)

[China Effectively Bans Online Sales of E-Cigarettes - The New York Times]
(/E-Cig Reform)

So what you are saying is your carts are made in the USA.


No we are factory direct aka we own a factory in China.

What these articles say is that it is now illegal for Chinese factories to directly target, advertise, or sell to the US.

Basically, you have to have an established LLC in the US to sell vapes.

This online sale ban will only make a tiny dent in chinese cart sales, if that. A majority of large cart orders to wholesalers are done in person or over the phone. The chinese have vendors that go around dtla and sell carts (among other things) to distributors.

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Yes, that is a valid point, however, that means that prices will go up. Anyone who buys the carts will then have mark them up to resell them for any sort of profit.

In terms of smaller brands and individuals who purchase online; it will be nearly impossible to get the same wholesale pricing.

Either way, your first order through us will be $1.20 per unit for full ceramic, heavy metal certified, sub 1% failure carts. Hit us up if you need


How do you handle any no fire carts? Do you send out replacements or wait for the customer to reorder and toss in some freebies.

I refuse to go back to my prior cart guy, just from this issue.

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I agree as most of the Chinese I work with have whatsapp now a days. That’s one of the first things they ask for after your email. Mind posting pictures of what you are selling?

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Sorry just saw that you included it at the bottom of the post

Do you ship to Canada?

Not stopping anyone, and the ban is likely just to save face.

You can easily order carts from Ali and other sources, from the US.

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This thread seems a little click baity. There is no “ban,” China didnt really declare anything officially. Alibaba removed carts from their site but that’s probably just them trying to cover their own ass in light of all the lead and cadmium concerns that have popped up in the last few weeks. This happened a month ago but the news ignored it


Whatever you prefer as long as you document all the failed carts and return them to us for inspection.

of course!

Not our intention at all, man. Just offering our services.

Return filled?

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also, are you afraid to leave the stoop? jw

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