Chinese carts manufacturer -Ascent



If you wanna get carts at best price. Send me message here, or Pm.

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Ill go ahead and add in a review to help future customers out.
Their prices were much cheaper than anything else i could find. About 30% cheaper than my previous source. I ordered them and was giving an estimated time of delivery. They need to manufacture them before shipping so it doesnt ship next day or anything (they come from china). Their manufacture time and shipping time was 50% longer then what they said it was going to be. So if ur in a rush this might not be the right option. I have not tried filling the carts yet, but they came in tubes (which i was appreciative for) some might prefer them in racks. The carts look exactly like the others except for the “1 gram” fill line font. Other than that, they look and feel the same as any other liberty v9.


Taking a closer look, my order was put together from two different manufacturers because not only is rhe font different, one has a slightly yellow tint to it. Out of 400, 5 of my cartidges were faulty (4 are missing sealing rings in the mouthpiece and 1 was cracked). All the cartridges ive tried have worked so far. So atleast they hit fine.


Will there be a second order?


@Thetetraguy thanks for the info. .


Yes, i ordered 1000 more.