Chiller for two 5l spd at the same time

Would I be able to use a chiller for two spd systems at the same time? What chiller would be more than adequate to do that job if it’s possible? Thanks

You wont really need to run a chiller, you need a plain jane heated circulator. Condenser temp should be around 80*c the entire time. You can run multiple spd’s with it, there shouldent be much problem there.

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don’t I need to chill when im fractioning out the volatiles?

nope 80*c heat all they way, volitiles should be rejected to the cold trap.


thanks for that one…I always thought you wanted the condense as low as you can get it during volitles. Learned my lesson for the day. Gonna run another batch in like 10 days once this move to the new house is complete…really excited to take all that i learned on the first run and try again! thanks again @Soxhlet


No problem broski! Aways here and happy to help!


I hope i bought the proper heater/chiller, Vwr 1167p. Or I dropped 1300 for a paperweight

Not a paper weight homie…thats the exact same model i bought. You should be good for expansion with that as well as the hot side can go up to 200c.

edit…mine is just a 1167…but they are basically the same thing. yours i think is newer. Mine will cool and heat perfectly. i dont know how efficient it is for cooling but it sure gets hot fast and stays hot.