Chiller connections

What does everyone use for connecting your chiller to your collection pot or jacketed spools? I’ve used hydraulic quick connects an they corroded from the chiller fluid. Using ball valves off the collection pot an at the end of the hose but always leak A tiny bit when disconnecting. Using nutherm 50 chiller fluid.

I don t disconnect have a T with ball valves to divert fluid warm or fluid cold

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Any special ball valves or just regular ones from Home Depot. Mine always end up getting weak an end of with a crack and a leak. Home Depot ones.

From what I’ve seen most hydraulic fittings are just regular carbon steel, maybe with a thin cadmium or zinc plating, that won’t put up much of a fight with a corrosive substance which seems like most thermal fluids are, especially the potassium based ones.

All quick connects leak some, it’s just a question of whether that leakage is an acceptable amount for what you’re doing. I suspect the corrosion isn’t helping that any. I would also question what material your ball valves are (if from Home Depot, probably brass/bronze), you could be making the corrosion worse with a galvanic corrosion effect from having different metals in your system. Same reason you wouldn’t want to mix steel and brass or copper fittings in your homes plumbing.

IMO, to prevent (or at least drastically reduce) corrosion you need to replace the disconnect fittings with stainless ones and make sure you only have stainless plumbing pieces connecting your chiller(s) with your pot and/or spools. I don’t disconnect my chillers if I can help it so I can’t offer much guidance on what quick disconnects are good to use in your application.

Edit: Galvanic corrosion - Wikipedia


Well yes not the cheapest but I am in Europe so don t know if you have the same brands mine are bonfix ptfe housing ball valves