Cherry Blossom w/CRC

Premium hemp concentrates packaged and ready for resale. $30/g
This extract was made with 100% top flower buds and ran with inline color remediation.
I had a terpene coa to show how many terps are intact not to mention a potency and solvent test.

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Hey we met in detroit in April!
Great work guys! Keep it up…

We’ll have to have a hydrocarbon derived hemp only CBD contest of some sorts soon enough here

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46.32:1 CBD:THC
Crushing it. Do u have test results of the flower before it was blasted?? Or any pics?? Throw them up here too

Wholesale at 30?

Anybody can undercut the isolate/distillate market by cutting profits. The lemmings will do what theyre told.

Top shelf has always been a hot commodity because it commands higher prices and is for a connoisseur market.

Now this is a new market HHO hydrocarbon hemp oil and we will see all kinds of new things here that they just wont do with med/rec.

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Wholesale grams are $25/10pack
1/2grams are $15/15pack

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Serious question… can this be sold legally with it’s THC content? I’ve been curious about hemp extracts (besides distillate) and how they can be sold, legally, with a THC content above the 0.3% threshold.

Just wanted to say nice work. I look forward to seeing more of a demand for this

Id be interested in trying some of this out im pretty new to cbd but its about all i can do for now

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Recently met and purchased from AshevilleExtracts and the product is excellent work, very flavorful.

How’s is this being sold in retail without any remediation?



They can only be sold between processors
It will have to be cut down to legal limit for sure

So another processor is buying $30 grams to remediate them?


Of cbd?