Chemicals and solvents for sale: Zinc bromide, zinc chloride, heptane, pentane, ethanol, T41, T5, Silica 60a

Everything is located in southern Oregon and available for local pickup only, sorry not shipping anything.

I have an assortment of chemicals and solvents I no longer need and looking to get rid of.

Here’s a list of everything and rough prices I’m looking for but feel free to make offers:

15kg+ of 98% zinc bromide $800
5k+ of 98% zinc chloride $200
180g of aluminum chloride $20
Two quart jars full of PTSA $40
Around 14kg of T41 (two full 5kg boxes and a partial box) $400
Around 6kg of Silica 60a (one full box and a partial box) $100
Around 4kg of T5 (partial box) $60

5gal pentane from summit research $100
5gal heptane high purity from BVV $100
5gal food grade ethanol from BVV (short a couple liters) $100

I also have a brand new in box HP7 from across international, new $450 and only asking $250: