Checking in on CBD Isolate Quality and Customer Service


Trust everyone had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to new, productive 2019. Like to check in and see how happy buyers are with there Isolate production labs. Like to listen and see where other labs are not meeting clients expectations on QC or Customer service. This is how we improve as an industry. I’m all ears for discussion.

Name: Damon
Contact Info: (657)456-4233
Location: So California
Team Size: 14

Services Offered: ISO and Distillate Consulting


If you would like to improve an industry, or see how people are unhappy with other labs, you might try asking just that, rather than dropping your company’s contact info in as well. If you would like verification to advertise your products and services, check this thread:

perhaps this thread:

and then send a private message to @Future if you feel that you meet the requirements, thanks!