Cheap ethonal recovery

Is there a way to recover on the cheap? Without dishing out 12k. Can you run a roto without a chiller ?

You can run really cold city h20 through a condenser, It isn’t ideal but it can be done. a rotery evaporator can accomplish your task up to a certain throughput. You may loose alot of solvent vapor to the pumps, and lacking a cold trap could lead to some losses.

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Well i Will probably. Have Some good News for You soon
At this. Very moment i am building a diy vacuum ethanol distiller of aprox 15 gal
Wich If all My calculations are correct Will set You back about 800$
If iT works i think iT can easely be upscaled to 30. Gal
So i don t know what daily evaporation number You are looking for
I am constructing the chiller from a split unit airconditioning set suposedly having a working temp of -26C
I have also build chillers from chest freezer parts taken out while filled with gas(r22) that reach -30C
Quit easy actualy
You yust take her apart carfully drop the cooling element in a icejug with glycol
Put a aquarium submersible pump in and thats iT
Now all these designs won t pass a fire marschall so If iT is for legal company use forget these
Keep You updated


Keep an eye on this tread If interested this is Where i Will post My progress


Sounds Cool .appreciate it.

I paid a thousand bucks for my Bucci rotary evaporator it’s a deewaar cold trap Style you can fill with dry ice or what I did was put an immersion chiller in the Trap with alcohol. I paid 500 bucks shipped for a good working -90 Celsius immersion chiller


Can you post links pls


How would that chiller work for cooling ethanol?

Just put it in the ethanol to chill the solution

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How long would it take it to cool a half 55 gallon drum. Room temp 50f

No idea. The ethanol should become a lot less volitile to new dry ice and usually I get a nice freeze around my steel pots and then I know it’s ready for extraction.

Hi roguelab, did you get your setup made? I will buy one from you if it works out well and we can talk about it etc etc
Good luck man

Well iT wo

So could you do this with day a 5ton ac unit?