CGMP/ISO certification CBN/CBG/CBC

Does anyone know of a lab that is cGMP/ ISO certified that will toll CBN, CBG, CBC?


are you looking for a GMP certified lab or a GMP compliant lab? The certification just means that in the case of an audit, they have already been looked over by a 3rd party and should pass. GMP compliant just means that they follow GMP, and if audited they should pass. Unless I am missing somenthing…

I know of a lab getting started in the Delaware area. They can do CBN toll processing. How much are you looking to be processed?

Going to be hard to be GMP with a bunch of unknown reaction products in ur stuff. Plenty of people will act like they’re GMP but most are not


Zelios KY will toll CBG and CBD hemp. cGMP but are not Iso9001


We would be more than happy to toll CBN. Current price is 6$/g for large orders. We are not GMP certified however.


Located out in Wisconsin but my lab is ISO9001 dedicated toward cannabis processing and we have cGMP compliance built in along with being a licensed food processing facility.

Able to toll CBG, shoot me a pm if interested!

GMP means nothing. The worst product I’ve ever gotten came from a GMP certified facility.

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A lot of paper work is easy to push if your dedicated enough. I agree that GMP is only as good as it’s weakest lab tech on shift. I can also say though, zellios has got thier shit pumping and they seem to keep improving. I’ve been in and out of there for the last 2 or 3 years and am always exited to see thier progress. @MinkLoafs was kind enough to give me a nice tour the other day and imo it was one of the more professional labs I’ve set foot in


I understand what cGMP is. My company won’t accept anything that isn’t cGMP.

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Once again, if the company’s facility is not listed in the FDA database here

then it is not GMP. If the FDA has not inspected their facility, they are not GMP. Full Stop.

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False. GMP is a set of vague guidelines and the FDA expects that everyone making a food, drug or supplement is GMP.

they don’t just expect it, they evaluate your ability to achieve it via inspection…

Right but your supposed to be GMP before the inspection. The FDA doesn’t certify they only ding you for not being gmp

That’s what I love to hear! You’re welcome anytime bro