Centrifuge 150L For Sale Or Trade

Available now! 150L, stainless steel, 3phase, 240v, 17amp, jacketed, ul listed motor and control unit, made from thick gauge steel, weighs close to 3000lb. Runs 30-40lb(more if ground up) batch size per bag. Run 700-1000lb per 8hr day. 30% larger than a CUP30.

Message me, make me an offer.

For sale or TRADE.

Location? Brand? Peer review? Floodable?

Its located by Santa Rosa now. I can ship it anywhere in the US. Its manufactured by a top hemp processing company in china. Its their third gen centrifuge. Very high quality. A friend of mine has one in San Fernando Valley. Works great with no issues. Yes its floodable.

Price? Trade for what?

A lot of fuges going up for sale. Can i ask why? Are you switching away from ethanol?

Looks like the hydrion I was checking out @Akoyeh’s new spot yesterday.

Seems pretty solid, but we haven’t pulled the basket yet or spun it up.

Based on size, I’d say we are looking at “Ginger”.

Although 150l doesn’t match with either 26gal or 80gal…

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Does it come with a transformer? 3 phase 240 is fairly uncommon…

It will run off 220-240V power