Celite Alternatives

Hey Future4200 dudes,
I just recently read the Opaline Silica Thread and found out that Celite 545 may have negative effects that I was previously unaware of. It was also mentioned that there are alternative to Celite, but using the search function yielded no results. We handle all of our filter aides with caution and PPE, but if there are safer alternatives I’d like to familiarize myself to them and hopefully make the shift.

We only use Celite as a filter aid to assist in our winterization, or to prevent other media from passing through our filters. What are the alternatives to celite that we can use as a filter aide?

I apologize if I’m asking to be spoon fed, but I genuinely can’t find a discussion about alternatives.


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Bvv has a couple of alternatives, although I’d say the health hazards are overblown.


Thank you! I will check this media out and try some.

I don’t know if they are overblown, but as with most unsafe things in labs it is up to the operator to handle them properly.

I worked in nuclear pharmacy for many years, and so many people refused to handle radioactive materials with proper care. It’s fucking obvious that radiation is dangerous and should be handled with care, but some of the people thought their nitrile gloves and scrubs would protect them from gamma rays.

I guess my point is that anything can be harmful when people don’t care to protect themselves.

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WEAR A RESPIRATOR when dealing with any hydrocarbon or powder… and you’ll be golden and your slabs clear


I agree eith @TheMadDabber . The amounts someone is exposed to aren’t that high, unless you’re packing powders all day long, but wearing a respirator is a good idea nonetheless.

But, there are options for those that disagree at least!


Or a skin tight surplus Russian one-size-fits-all gask mask with a new modern day Honeywell filter


That would definitely keep the dust at bay haha

I watched three people walk out of an RCA dripping wet, set off the frisker at the control point, and walk right out. I know what you mean.

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