Ccell the best cartridge ?


You’re right expert. Heating element is the main cost . Most of cartridge on DHgate are using poor $0.045 each. Easily leak and burn taste

Check, better price, good quality

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We have our patent cartridge, top airflow adjustable. Very good vapor capacity. I can show you images


The liberty v9s can be found for 1.60 each, i personally prefer those over any others

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Has anyone tried the QCELL? Some proprietary tech with a coil encapsulated in fritted piece of quartz. I noticed KungFu Vapes pimping them hard and looked around…seems like Airistech is one of the original patent holders and sells them for about $2/ea.


v9 are nice but we have never had any complaints or issues with v1. and they are .50 cent cheaper


This guy send me a dm ASKING for distillate.


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Nothing wrong with fantasies. :man_facepalming:


me too at unicorn numbers. Despite the 100s of times that i said i dont make concentrates for a living, and never even owned 1 liter of distillate. Let alone having many to sell a week!


I have a unicorn up for trade. The asking price is 100 L of 99% disty. Haters will say it’s photo shopped. You send proof of life and I will do the same. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thats a nice unicorn, but I have 4000 unicorns in a secured location. I can send you my average mare’s coa if you could send me a picture of your bank account, drivers liscence, and credit card plz. We are direct to olympus, with the lowest prices in the industry


You have a deal good sir. I just DM’ed you my social to show you how real it is.


To follow up on what I originally posted , we have been using c-cells and have no complaints at all . They are very easy to fill and out of the 1,000s we have done so far we have not had one bad cartridge or return .

Oh and I’d love a unicorn as well :rofl:


Same here. Ccells just always work but they also cost a bit much

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We can offer free samples for you mental test… All are lead free…

We have go through few time failure test. But now it’s Ok


Maybe me and @qma can team up for a CAT lll unicorn giveaway.


Time to rev up those escrows!!!

As far as CCell go, I’ve tried some of @Ascent’s clones. Once I have tried a couple thousand I can recommend them, and if anyone wants speedy shipping I can warehouse em here


why not throw in some t-free cbd disty while your at it lol


they are pricey. what are you currently paying and who do you use to get them from?


Hamilton devices a few hundred at a time. Although I am looking at airistech and their qcells


I’ve been having issues with the gold connection on this series