Ccell pods dart/uno

There has been a new line of ccell pods realesed. If you know were to buy these or pricing please let me know, thanks.

I am also interessed and I been doing business with Hamilton Device for a few years now, I will send them an email. They are always the first to have the new CCELL products.

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I wonder about the risks of plastic cartridges


I was wondering the same. I think CCELL is pretty legit tho, if they want to sell those POD’s in the US,
which is clearly the case (the market is there), they will have to pass the California tests right?

Plastic Housing, medical grade material, need some clarification, I just call them out on IG.

From Hamilton Device:

As for now, they are currently not available; as they require a very large MOQ, and are only available to a select group of retail companies at this time.

I am waiting on CCELL now. Someone told me it is 50k min order lol.

Jupiter Research:

Currently our pod device, the Dart, is only available to our valued partners who meet minimum order quantities in certain regions where licenses are available.

Look like I am not a “valued partners” lol, anyway, “where licenses are available”, the **** that means?

Do they sell licenses? (lol) Are they only selling the pods in legal states?

I’m willing to put together a group to get ahold of these new ccell pods early. I’m already spending $20,000 on empty carts lmk

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Let’s put together $50,000…?

Is anybody getting ccells for a good price? We’re paying like $2.80. It’s brutal

Talk to Apex Lab 20k sounds good. CCELL wont sell it directly, they dont want to tell me why.

I’m paying same price, unless we get a group buy going for OEM it’s not going to get cheaper

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My rep just called me on Tuesday to tell me about the Uno.
He said they should be out in about 3 weeks.
The Uno will not have the same contract/license agreement as the Dart.
It seems like this is going to piss off all the people who signed Dart license agreements…

I talked to kush bottles months ago about this.

The dart will be for large companies. Small retailers like me wont be able to get them. Only the other stick looking device will be sold to the public. Moxie got kush bottles first order of darts. I’ve known about the dart since August and have been waiting :frowning:

You have to have a big enough account to be able to purchase the darts. It’s based on volume I believe

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If you aren’t paying a minimum of $2700 for 1000 authentic ccells your usually getting your head ripped off. But some tips are more expensive than others.

I finnaly got info. Uno pods will be $3.80 a unit and battery’s are $9.50 a unit for a OEM order. And minimum orders are 3600 pods if you want them in 4-6 weeks.

Well I believe you have to buy a minimum of 1,000 battery’s alongside with it until they accept more than OEM orders.

We’re at 2.15/ unit after OEM at 20k units. Thats on the .3mL disposable.