CBleach Scrub


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I like to have a layer of sand at the top of the column to avoid disrupting the hard work I put into packing it. By far the most important aspect of separation is proper packing


When in the winterization process should the hybrid scrub be done?


After winterization but before distillation.

Some people winterize, distill 1st pass, hybrid scrub, distill 2nd pass.


I am using a hochstrom for filtration needs. I always seem to get the carbon A through the silica. I can’t seem to get an even pack with the hochstrom obviously because it is so wide. Does cbleach get stopped by the silica and 1 micron?


I also have a hockstrom filter and have very little problem with bypassing…center the filter in there and 2" of silica…cbleach does get stopped!!


gent the filter? I maybe misunderstanding.


Gotcha. It seems I am having some bye pass somehow. The carbon A is absolutely getting though my filtration. Not sure how. I pack a thick silica layer when I do it but somehow it always gets through. Do you pack?


The 1st filtration usually has a few fines that make it thru. On the 2nd pass, all are normally trapped in the cake.


is your silica wet or dry?


I wet load.


I’ve started making a bentonite slurry with 100g bentonite with etho for a total of 300ml. Put into buchner on coarse filter 2-3 micron prewetted. Then 33g bleach with etho for a total of 200ml slurry on that. Filtered 5gal through that, end result was golden etho. Nothing seems to bypass at all.


Maybe regulated pH to 6-7 after finishing using magsil pr?


You put down bentonite (DE) AND then cbleach?


Yes. First the bento slurry. Pull vac and some more etho though. Then pour the bleach slurry on that. Before it settles, start filtering.

Gonna go do 15 more gals to confirm. Will return results later today/tomorrow.


I may have to try out the bentonite this upcoming wash.

I get golden etoh from cryo washing. Wonder if this is needed?


I’m using it to remove water solubles. It removes all burnt residue from pots and bf allowing for better stirbar settings.


Bentonite removes water solubles??


Just did our first cryotemp extractions today. SLOW ASS FILTERING!!! But basicly followed the techs given on the site and have an amazing looking oil. finishing in roto tommorrow. trying to keep it all intact.


NO carbon scrubbing and has now gone through and 8micron. Looks amazing. Thanks Lostbiologist!!!
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