CBGA Flash Sale

I’ve got a farmer that needs to pay some bills and normal sales channels are slow due to corona

Limited quantity available at reduced rates.

MOQ 1Kg but I’m willing to do 100g MOQ with a small fee added on for f4200 members.

20Kg available - 75% CBGA .115%THC at $5,500
10Kg available- 99.8 CBGA $10,000

Everything has 3rd party COAS for pest, potency, solvent, microbial, and heavy metal

I’m sure I forgot something… You’ll also find some pics and coas from my other posts if you type CBGA in the search bar.

2 stamps an envelope and 3 rolls of charmin. Even swap no swindle.


Deal. It is an apocalypse after all. I told the boss we should list our prices in TP and USD


Ill trade tp for gold, silver, no supply shortages here for TP

Hayfork also has no supply shortages I’m told. Be up that way on Friday.


Damn if I wasn’t so busy I’d take a ride. I got the hook up on toilet paper and paper towels though. Side door Costco deals.



Start listing tp on ur site for sale just as a joke :sweat_smile:
But for real, whats the price on 100g of the 99% stuff?

I’d need to clarify with the boss but I’m pretty sure we’ll do that at kilo price. If you email brandon@zeropointextraction.com he’s able to approve offers if you want to sent him an offer.

Invite me to the fish fry and I’ll bring some CBGA

Throw in a pack of ramen and a few cheese curls

13Kg of crumble and 7Kg isolate left at discount pricing. Any Kg comes with a free 12pack of Clorox wipes.


The rest of that crumble and isolate sold. However, we’re doing a 4/20 deal for the rest of the month and all our CBGA products are 50% until May 1st.

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send me your contact info. I’m interested