Cbg seeds low moq

Hello guys,i have few pounds of high cbg seeds,feminized,i would like to sell in small amount(minimum 100 seeds)for prices and coa please DM me.
Best regards.

Do you have COAs?
Where did the seed come from?
Was it grown outdoors somewhere last year? Where?

Sorry if this seems direct, but I’m most likely about to shut down the CBG seed slanging here so as not to enable scammers. Not that I have any reason to believe you are one currently. Just covering bases.


I received two COAs that are a little suspect. One from a lab in SoCal with information covered up with white boxes and other one is blurry (guessing from screenshot) from lab in Oregon.

Doesn’t really add up with the info you provided about them being from Colorado.

Also check out the different d8/d9 percentages, hard to believe this same strain would test so differently.

I’m not saying this is a definite scam but buyer beware.

Listen I’m tired,only accusation and doubts about me,you can delete the post…I dont care,I can say only learn respect for unknown and dont point finger,now you can delete the post…goodbye

I think we will leave it up as record.

Beware, CBG scammers abound


Seems legit :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ahahahaha, on this website all the people who have cbg seeds sent the same coa and I am the scammer?anyway you offend me many times, now fuck you asshole…and leave as record!

FYI to all.

Bostongeorge DM’ed me lookinfor cbg seeds to buy. Somehow he has them in short order and is selling them, that grammar tho

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There’s a Seed Slanger group now, all good, just get verified


You do understand that “fuck you” to the guy who built this place won’t win you any favors with its denizens?!?

If the goal was to demonstrate how legit your seeds were, I believe you missed.

Asking how to achieve “Verification” would have been the pro move…


I’m sorry teacher, I’m not American…I’m sure you speak 9,10 different languages

Everyone just hit the cbg seed jackpot and there’s seeds a plenty! Hooray!


Here is the first coa, you have listed and the product has been sold. So if anyone is trying to fill it with this coa it’s a lie. Just a heads up.


@Future @sidco does this qualify @Bostongeorge for a long walk off a short plank? (insta-ban?)


Mind Sharing?

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The second picture. It could be my phone or it could be the name was whited out. It’s slightly discolored around that area. If so I’m betting this is a real test but they are close to the company/person. Covering tracks