CBG or CBN distillate viscosity and prices?

Can anyone post any viscosity information or videos of the thickness of cbg or CBN fractions? For testing purposes im looking into it

They are almost the same CBN that is in My case
Place Some packing in the head on second pass
Keep temps steady to slow
Have a lab report of the first pass
Calculate. Volume of the CBN fraqtion
Distill and swap to tails a little earlyier than normal and ramp temps only When neccesary keep a moderate reflux start to finish
I am able to have 97% of all My CBN content in the tails this way color is not a good mark
Head temps and vac levels and a log book of previous runs is My mark

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The same viscosity as thc?

Well up to 60% CBN My viscositie wasn t noticibly diffrent

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What is the typical price for CBN or cbg distillate?

I don t know pure CBN isollate is around 55 K a killo
I find sales at 30% CBN distillates and > 1 % thc at 35 k a liter but i sell little and not often
And i am in europe even thou. The 55 k a killo is a US based price


I can second this.

USA based,

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any sources you can give out? Trying to find cbn isolate atm and having a hard time.

@CBDHempire might have some in stock