CBG Isolate for SALE!

CBG Isolate for sale.

$40k per kilo. US sourced. Can do smaller amounts.

Prices are about to shoot back up passed $80k a kilo.



Damn $40k?

I have a US manufacturer hitting me at $15,000/kg for 99.8% CBG. Just got new COA.

And a second one at $10,000/kg.
250kg available.

Are you manufacturing? Or is someone over charging you?

Prices are crashing in my opinion. Not going up. CBG can be made from CBD isolate which is cheap and abundant this year.



Prices have dropped a shit ton! lol

Do you have access to CBG Isolate?


Cbg from cbd sounds backwards to me. Is that for real?

Yes have a lab connect in Oregon. They can make about 150kg per week. Usually 10-15kg on the ground for sampling.

Can exit at $10,000/kg all day and eat better than might you think. I shook hands and put eyes on it. No games on supply side.

Damn I have cbg iso at 7k

Seems like big price diff

dang, i’ve got 43kg for $5500 each

Why is everyone so quick to race to the bottom?

Remember way back… 45 days ago?

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I memba

Looking for some CBG isolate… Do you still have this available? Obviously, not for $40k anymore.